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10 Creative Activities for Kids That Cost Very Little Money

Need to entertain some little ones? Here are 10 creative and inexpensive activities to keep the kids busy.

Who knew that you could turn soap into clouds? Simply pop a bar of ivory soap into the microwave to create a pillowy cloud of soap! No need to waste the soap; this Pinterest page offers creative 'next step' ideas, such as boiling and mixing with food coloring to create fluffy, bathtub paint.

Fun for adults and kids, alike. I also really like to imagine dogs loving, or at least barking at these giant bubbles. Check out this blog post for instructions on creating the bubble solution, the wand and for tips on creating giant bubbles.

Take bubble blowing to the next level while making use of products you likely have laying around the house. This blog post shows you how you can create rainbow bubble snakes using only a plastic bottle, a sock, a rubber band, some dish soap and food coloring.

Have a little physics lesson as you launch balloons across the room - truly activity that is both creative and educational. This experiment is an example of Newton's Third Law, which states, "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" and demonstrates how rockets work. Simply tape an unknotted, inflated balloon to a straw with a secured string, let the balloon go and watch it zoom down the string as it is propelled by the escaping air molecules. See this article for additional pointers and interesting information on how space rockets achieve liftoff.

This blog post offers a different application of the previous learning, which allows you to race toy cars. Experiment with different balloons, cars and straws to see which works best.

Grab a tarp, cut some holes in it, assign different points, attach string and tie to two trees; it doesn't get much easier (or cheap) than this. A great way to keep kids, and competitive adults, entertained and outside.

Have some stairs, bored kids and some large, cardboard boxes laying around? If so, this is the activity for you. Simply flatten out a cardboard box, place over a set of stairs, tape to the walls and you've got yourself an indoor slide!

This post from the blog Momtastic provides instructions on creating and decorating simple ping pong paddles using poster board and popsicle sticks, but I have also seen a more basic paper plate model that I imagine gets the job done as well. So easy, so inexpensive and very entertaining, and since balloons are used, it's even a fun indoor game!

Cut up sponges to create a quiet, safe game of Jenga. If one of your children has a tendency to cry when losing, an additional benefit of this game is its pieces absorbency. Jenga has never sounded so sweet.

We're all familiar with Catherine Zeta Jones' role as the super hot thief in a leather jumpsuit who sexily and effortlessly makes her way through the high security laser grid system, well, why not make a PG version for your kids? Attach a series of yarn pieces at various levels and let your kids try their skills at getting through the course without setting off the imaginary alarm.


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