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100 Cameras Were Given to the Homeless and This Is What They Captured

For a project called Through Our Eyes, 100 disposable cameras were given out to people who are living on the streets or in a local shelter in Spartanburg, SC. The project gives Spartanburg's homeless a hand in helping expose the issue of homelessness rather than merely being part the issue that is trying to be solved. The photographers have an opportunity to share a piece of their life with the community around them - photos are of what they see, who they spend time with, what they eat, where they go.

According to the website, the Through Our Eyes project is three-fold:


Provide hope for those who are hurting. "Everyone deserves to be loved including the photographers who volunteer to participate with the project."


Provide joy in creating art. "We want the photographers to feel the gratification that comes with being part of something bigger than they are."


Provide awareness & support. "We want our city to rally around the issue of homelessness & help those ministries who work with the homeless daily."

100 cameras. 100 homeless people. 5 days. 1 heart.

Not all of the cameras were returned, and not all of the rolls were completely used, but they ended up collecting more than 600 photos. And of those, 20 finalists were chosen.


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