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170+ Foxes Are Rescued from Chinese Fur Farm and Given New Home at a Buddhist Monastery

Animal activist Karen Gifford has spent the last few weeks documenting the rescue initiative in a series of Facebook videos that were shared with her by a woman named BoHe.

BoHe is one of the volunteers who helped to rescue the 174 white foxes that had been bred and raised at a nearby fur farm. She operates a local dog sanctuary that is home to over 2,400 canines, many of which were reportedly rescued from the dog meat trade.

Due to a lack of income, the fur farm had been preparing to close their doors and dispose of their remaining foxes – but upon hearing that the animals were in need of a new home, the residents of the Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China said that they were happy to welcome the critters onto their property.

In the first of Gifford’s Facebook posts, the foxes can be seen arriving in cages by the truckload. One day later, Gifford posted an update in which the foxes can been seen enjoying their first steps outside of their cages and onto the sanctuary grounds.

Now, Gifford is rallying for donations to help buy food for the foxes. The critters will reportedly be staying at the monastery until volunteers are able to construct a permanent shelter.

“Thank you to all the wonderful supporters! I’m sure your hearts swell seeing these videos and the Buddhist monk standing among the foxes free in the garden,” writes Gifford. “The weather is freezing at Bohe’s base … so please, anything is appreciated.”


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