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31 Inspirational Quotes from Black American Leaders

After a month in the new year, the country’s transformation in leadership is almost complete. Former President Obama has turned the keys over to President Trump and cabinet nominations are ongoing. After the smoke clears and the dust settles, the House and Senate will look completely different from the past decade. Whether that turns out to be a good or bad thing is yet to be determined. However, what I can say is the political upheaval resulted in immeasurable amounts of stress to the American public.

These five tips should help calm your nerves and maybe set you up for success!

1- Stop Arguing Politics on Facebook

The ugliest result of the social media generation is the lack of filter. The faceless now have a platform to get their point made. Often times, people share opinions in a manner that they would never duplicate in real life. People reply to try to tell them they are wrong, and the firestorm begins. I used to get involved in these debates, and my blood pressure would rise. After about 30 minutes, the question would always surface in my mind: “What is the point of this?” Stepping away from the political volcano of Facebook helps a ton.

2- Take a class

The thought of taking class after graduation might scare some. I can guarantee everyone reading this has thoughts of learning something new. “I would love to learn Spanish.” “I wish I knew how wine was made.” “Where are my car keys?” Okay, that last one is not real, but you get my point. Getting yourself away from what is happening in the country and learning a new trade can only help.

3- Exercise

For me, this is the king of fixing stress. Exercise releases endorphins in your body that trigger a natural feeling of positivity. Just make sure you find a place in the gym that does not have CNN or Fox News on the TV or this will all be for nothing. On the other hand, maybe those stations will get you more fired up that you will run faster? I am not sure, but just go exercise.

4- Music

Enjoy some of your favorite tunes to help de-stress from politics. Even if you are not a fan of classical or orchestra-type tracks, those can truly be stress relievers. No matter what, your favorite artists always help to bring you back to a positive level.

5- Spend time with family

My Facebook newsfeed is littered with short videos with someone’s family doing silly things. Whether it be that weird pie in the face game, opening presents or whatever brings people together, those family moments are filled with laughs. Do more of that stuff, America!


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