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36-Year-Old Accountant with Zero NHL Experience Stars in Epic Blackhawks Win

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I love this underdog story so much, you'd think it took place in Hockey Town.

During Thursday night's Chicago Blackhawks vs Winnipeg Jets game, an unknown dude in a number 90 Blackhawk's jersey took the ice. And an epic, underdog story soon transpired.

‘‘Hey who’s this guy?’’ an announcer joked.

But for real, who dis? That guy was Scott Foster, the team’s emergency goalie, a 36-year-old accountant who hadn’t played in a competitive hockey game in more than 10 years. He played hockey for Western Michigan University from 2002 to 2005 and plays in recreational ‘‘beer leagues.’’ But Foster has never played in the NHL.

Wait... but what?

Exactly. But from what I've gathered, Foster is one of a small group of "emergency backup" goalies who are kept on hand - usually in the press box or in the stands - for a 'just in case something crazy happens like both regular goalies are hurt or otherwise unavailable' -- basically, this rarely happens.

This type of situation is ‘‘among hockey’s great quirks,’’ according to Hockey News. ‘‘The only pro sport with the potential for someone not on the roster to come out of the stands and actually play in the game.’’ But, ‘‘it takes a very rare set of circumstances to open that door . . .’’

But as fate and lord Stanley would have it, hours before the game, goalie Anton Forsberg was injured. Down a goalie, the 'hawks signed Foster up as an emergency back-up. A role Foster has played before, only his duties never got further than sitting in the press box and eating free food.

But when Delia the goalie in net was injured, Fosters time had come.

Whoa! How'd he do?!

Amazing! Foster was a freaking brick wall, stopping all seven of the shots he faced. And the internet went wild during those 14 minutes and one second -- rightfully so, because this is awesome.

‘‘This is something that no one can ever take away from me,’’ Foster said. ‘‘It’s something that I can go home and tell my kids.’’

Been a pretty big week of Chicago sports -- First Loyola's Cinderella story with The Final Four (which happens to be my alma mater) and now this. Well done, Chicago. I miss you!


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