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5 Things You Shouldn't Say or Do to a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancies are exciting. Someone has a bun in the oven and they are making life - that rules! Sometimes that excitement makes us say or do stupid things. And while it's never our intention, sometimes those things are actually insulting or rude to the.

I polled several women and these are the things you shouldn't say or do to a pregnant women.

1- Make Any Comments about Weight or Body Changes

Of course she gained weight - she's pregnant. It's even more certain that she doesn't want you commenting on it. Even if you think it's a compliment, just don't.

2- Warnings of Sleep Deprivation or Troubles to Come

Telling the pregnant mama things like, "sleep now, soon you won't get to" is annoying. She is well aware this is a big life changer. It's a baby, not a spider plant. Leave your fear provoking comments to yourself.

3- Guessing number of babies based on size of bump

Looking at her belly and asking if she's having twins is a giant indicator that you think her belly is huge, which is obviously part of her and therefore should not be discussed - see top of the list.

4- Touching the bump

Under any other circumstance, you would find it odd to randomly touch someone's belly. But the pregnant woman still finds it odd under thins circumstance - so keep your paws off the belly.

5- Asking when and if she will have more babies

I get it, sometimes you don't know what to say and this seems like a logical question considering you're already on the topic of pregnancy. But she's already pretty busy with this one, so asking about others is likely to annoy.


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