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86-Year-Old Man Teaches Himself to Knit So He Can Make Hats for Premature Babies

Ed Moseley is proof that it's never too late to learn something new

When his care home announced plans to knit little hats for premature babies, Ed Moseley knew that was something he wanted to get in on. The fact he had no clue how to knit was a non-factor to him. He asked his daughter to help him out, and of course she agreed (how could you not?) and brought over a looming kit with a set of instructions.

As a fast learner, he managed to get the basics down pretty quickly and before long was whipping up the teeny tiny little hats. At first it took him a few hours for each hat - but now he's got it down to an hour and a half per hat.

And some of you knitters may appreciate, he was able to do so while watching tv.

Other residents in the home pitched in and they've made more than 300 hats for the little babies in a hospital in Atlanta. He's hopeful that the care home will continue their knitting habit and they'll be able to send 30 new hats to the hospital each month.


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