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After Spending 7 Years in Hawaii Shelter, Dog Finally Adopted by Couple Visiting from Michigan

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

After spending 7 years at the Oahu SPCA shelter, staff figured Brad the poi dog would never get his furever home.

But nearly a decade later, the Australian cattle dog finally got adopted... and kept. He’d been adopted out a few times. But every time, he was returned.

“He needs a lot of outdoor space and exercise to keep him healthy and happy,” said shelter manager Ashley Webb.

No one seemed to have the property where Brad could thrive.

But earlier this year, a Michigan couple visiting the shelter while on Oahu met Brad, learned his story, and fell in love.

They were intent on adopting him and bringing him back home.

Oahu SPCA said the woman and her boyfriend have a big home in northern Michigan, along with a barn and a yard. Brad will spend his weekends hiking in the forest and chasing squirrels. The couple is also equipped to handle all of Brad’s quirks: Things like barking and nervous habits.

And they offered to pay for all the costs of transporting Brad to the mainland.

But the Oahu SPCA wanted to help, so a GoFundMe account was launched to help cover some costs.

Amazingly enough, within days, the goal was reached - and surpassed by $2. They raised $1,637, their goal was $1,635.

As the nonprofit said on Facebook, “He’s been at the shelter for years and years, so this is a celebration. We love him so much! While it makes his Oahu Ohana so sad to see him leave us, it also makes us SO HAPPY!"


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