Animal Rescuers Help Homeless Man Travel Across the Country with His 11 Stray Dogs

After losing everything, including his home, Steve decided to make a cross-country trek from California to Indiana on his bike, pulling a big cart filled with very special cargo. The special cargo: the 11 stray pups he rescued. Even after losing all of his possessions, he never lost his will to help others in need, especially animals.

Without a safe place for his pups to live, Steve reached out to friends for help and fortunately one in Indianapolis agreed to help. So armed with a bike and a cart, Steve packed up his 11 pups and planned to travel the more than 2,000 miles.

What would have taken weeks, was made much easier when a group of animal rescuers learned of Steve's journey and offered to help. Steve and his posse of pups made it to Memphis, Arizona, where arrangements were made for them to spend a few nights in a hotel while they figured out a way for the pups and their main man to get to Indiana.

Animal advocate Kelly Seaton then offered to drive Steve and the pups from Memphis to Indiana, and with the help of other rescuers, they reached Indianapolis in less than one day.

Kelly posted on facebook that, "There have been a few who don't agree with what we're doing. They think we should convince him to surrender them all. Those that have the misconception that rescue is about tearing families like this apart need to step back and look at the big picture."