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Aquatica Orlando Becomes ‘World’s First’ Autism Centre Certified Water Park

Aquatica Orlando says it has become the first water park in the world to achieve certified autism centre designation.

On Tuesday (January 8) the park announced it had completed staff-wide autism sensitivity and awareness training, as well as full review of its site and visitor experience to ensure it adequately caters for guests with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families.

It comes after sister park, Sesame Place, became the first theme park in the world to obtain autism centre certification from IBCCES, the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

In partnership with IBCCES, Aquatica staff will be continually trained and assessed to assist ASD guests and their families.

Guests, meanwhile, will be provided specific information about attractions, experiences and in-park accommodations to help them plan their day and make informed choices about their activities.

David Heaton, vice-president Aquatica Orlando, said: “As the first water park in the world to complete the training and become a Certified Autism Center, Aquatica Orlando is proud to provide fun and memorable experiences through exceptional service.

“We continually strive to create safe and meaningful experiences for all of our guests, and we are committed in our efforts to offer families inclusive activities for children with autism and other special needs.”


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