ASU Woman Sick Of Dick Pics, Tells Dick-Picker’s Mom

The only thing stupider than sending dick pics anonymously: Sending them to someone you know.

I don’t need to be on Tinder or Snapchat—and I’m not—to know that 'dick pics' pose a clear and present threat to the predominantly (I assume) female population.  I guess I just wasn’t aware of how pervasive it is—a pandemic, a plague of penis pictures parading across phone screens in the hands of the fairer sex, cursed with bearing this unfair burden.  Guys—the dick pic senders, or ‘dick-pickers’—What the shit…?

I mean, I have no words.

Or fewer than usual.

But I’ll push on anyway, so, here it goes (And keep in mind, this pertains to those unsolicited dick pic senders—I wouldn't dream of telling you how to conduct your private affairs, which may or may not include sending/receiving solicited dick pics, or whatever else.):

What’s The Response You’re Expecting, Or Hoping For, By Sending Dick Pics?

Whatever it is, one guy got a little more than he bargained for.  I don’t think he was expecting his penile portrait to be sent to his mother…

Which is exactly what Madi Kohn, a 20-year-old student at ASU, did, after receiving one too many dick pics.  But not without fair warning—and, effectively, turning the concept of ‘fair’ on its head.  (Is it Opposite Day already?)

Apparently, it was so prolific—and uninvited—she felt compelled to threaten, in her Tinder profile, as a warning to all those self-styled ‘Pied-Pipers-of-Dick-Pics’ pervert-cybersphere: “If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom.”  Imagine that—having to issue that kind of disclaimer.  Makes me think I’m not missing out on much...

When the warning alone proved an inadequate deterrent to the determined genitalia-wielding Internet guerillas, anonymous exhibitionists, and pocket-sized perverts, she had no choice but to follow through on her threat.

Through a rather cursory display of reverse-stalking her assailant (on those very same social media pages, mind you), she managed to deduce his identity, along with some other useful pieces of information.  For the full story, click here.

Now, back to the real problem, namely, that for some indecipherable reason, some guys think they can just send unsolicited photos of their junk to women.  Willy-nilly.  Never mind the fact that it’s (got to be, right?) a form of assault—like ‘rape-by-image’ or ‘photo molestation’ or something.  And let’s even forget, for the moment, the sheer desperation of it all—how pathetic it is—and focus on the practicality of it: i.e., What are you hoping to accomplish by sending dick pics?

To the ‘Dick-Pickers’ Specifically: