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Being Kind to Yourself: Why "Should" Is a Dirty Word

There isn't a morning I don't wake up, open my laptop, check my phone or read a headline stating what you "should" or "shouldn't" be doing, wearing, thinking or saying.

First off, "should" is a dirty word.

I hate that word almost as much as I dislike the word "hate." ;) That brings me to an article I spotted earlier in the week. An Australian fashion site stated that activewear giant Lululemon is straying from their "athleisure" collection and suggested that wearing yoga pants in public is no longer acceptable.

Over the past few months I have been invited to several "athleisure" events, including a Rebecca Minkoff fashion show, a Kate Spade X Beyond Yoga launch and Julianne Hough's collaboration with MPG Sport at Lord and Taylor. Apparently, the athleisure movement is still alive and strong...

but does it matter?

Does it matter if I wear my SF Giants gear to write from my co-working space instead of a little black dress? Does it matter if I use a backpack to carry my laptop to work? Hell, I run around Manhattan in leggings without makeup half the time, and fashion is my job!

You can't please everyone.

My point is not that the media is a bully or that propaganda is entirely bad; it's not. We're all trying to get by day by day, pay our bills, make ourselves happy while somehow trying to appease others. The point is to be kinder to ourselves and not allow the media, friends, family or even strangers put as much pressure on our every day choices. Confidence and happiness both stem from the way we think.

In the "land of the free," why do we bother to even read what we "shouldn't" be wearing over 30? In a society where we're constantly bombarded with messages of what we "should" or "shouldn't" be doing, wearing, thinking or saying, when will we step up and disrupt this BS?

Thankfully, Elle UK beat me to it and shared this awesome article.

Those top 20 lists of where you should be by the time you're 25? Forget them. Are you actually listening to the media telling you what you shouldn't be wearing after you turn 30? Stop. Why are we allowing someone else to dictate what we think is cool? Why don't we, as a norm, wear exactly what we want, no matter what someone else has to say about it?

I may work in marketing and write for fashion, but will never allow an editor or fashion designer to tell me that my worn out leggings make me "uncool" or out of style.

Style is a feeling and individuality is a movement.

Be kind to yourself; your own opinion is what really matters.


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