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Bernie Singles: Because The 1% Aren’t The Only Ones Getting Screwed This Election Season (New Dating

Kindness Is Badass

Those looking to Bernie for affordable healthcare and government programs will be happy to know they can also look to him for love. Yes, that’s right — Bernie is for lovers.

While there’s a dating site for just about everyone: Jewish, Christians, Farmers, Bros, etc… it makes sense to have one for folks looking to redistribute wealth. Meet Bernie Singles, a new super-specific dating site for Bernie Sanders supporters. Since its Thursday launch, the site has racked up thousands of members. Due to high number of Democratic Socialists looking for love, the site actually had to shut down several times.

It all started in early February, when nearly 10,000 Sanders supporters congregated on the Facebook group “Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Singles.” The group became so popular that the 20 admins launched Bernie singles’, a place for Sanders supporters to mingle. This doesn’t seem to have made the Facebook group any less weird or skeezy though.

On the homepage for Bernie Singles, you’ll find a photo of the man himself, along with inspirational quotes by Sanders and a count of nearby members constantly updating in a box at the bottom of the website.

The site’s slogans include, “Meet other people who understand the world!” and “The 1% aren’t the only ones getting screwed this election season.” The second one is probably my favorite slogan, ever.

Users fill out their profile as they would on any other dating site. People can message one another, or join a public chatrooms — such as “Democratic Socialism and Chill.” Some are using it to look for love, while others are using it as a way to learn about new ways to get involved and support Sanders’ campaign. Of course there are plenty of folks having their fun on it — there’s already quite a few members named Donald Trump.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious — and sort of awesome. I hope people make new BFFs, fall in love or find whatever else they’re looking for. For those using it as a replacement for Tinder — be careful and make sure you’re only figuratively feeling the ‘Bern.’

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