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Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Today is a full moon eclipse, a blood moon. As mentioned in previous article, it's an extremely powerful time. The eclipse is going to aid in healing and releasing of past pains, thought patterns, fears and identifiers that no longer serve us. Here's an easy ritual to put this moon power to use. Take or leave each of these steps. Everything is option. Allow your intuition to guide you, and do what feels right.

1. Sage environment and grab your crystals.

2. Mediate with intention of tapping into thoughts, patterns, identifiers, etc. that you'd like to release.

3. Write them down on paper.

4. Review list of things you're releasing, and express gratitude for their role in getting you this far. After all, you're a combination of strengths and weaknesses. And you're wonderful, so everything has played a role.

5. Declare that you're opposite of things on list. That was previous you, and those are things you've outgrown.

6. Burn that list, or rip but. But I prefer to let it Burn, Baby! Burn...

7. Celebrate. You've been reborn. Your brand new and shiny, but chalk full of wisdom and badassery.

Happy Full Moon and Blood Moon Eclipse! Here’s a super easy ritual you can use to maximize the benefits of all this energy. The moon has your back. 🌑✨🔥🔮 #fullmooneclipse #fullmoonritual #bloodmoon — Ashley Lauren Dickinson (@ashleylaurend) July 28, 2018


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