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College Student Cuts Lawns to Gives Back to Those in Need

Every day, it seems like we see something or someone from today's youth that makes us question what they're doing. Whether it be the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, their words or their actions, it'll be something that's different than those older than them. And often times it makes us shake our heads and wonder 'why?'

Then you have stories like these, where you see that good people still do exist in the world.

Now let's forget that the original goal of 40 lawns is a good amount, but to do 100? Very impressive and very noble of this young man to do this for a great cause! What's even better is that more young men have felt the same way Mr. Smith does and volunteered to help, all through Facebook and word of mouth.  Could you imagine if this took place in every city in the country?  Or at least some of the major cities?

The smile on the young man's face in the car in the middle of the video is a heart warmer. To see how happy he looks to be doing something this kind is amazing.

The Raising Men Lawn Care Service is a great thing. If you'd like to donate to the group, you can do so on their GoFundMe page.


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