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Community of Tiny Homes to Help Detroit's Low-Income

Cass Community Social Services developed a creative plan to help Detroit's homeless population... a community of tiny homes! They've been raising money and here' a photo of the first one, which was recently finished.

Currently there are plans to finish seven by the end of this month, with the ultimate goal being building 25 altogether as the funding comes in. They'll range in size from 250-400 square feet, and will all look different but have similar amenities.

Residents of these homes will need an income to qualify for the project. A 300-square-foot home will cost $300 each month, plus heating. And they're using a rent-to-own model, allowing tenants to graduate from a rental lease to a land contract, with the potential for full ownership rights after seven years.

This project is the first of its kind in Detroit.


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