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Dingo Dog Brewing Co Donates All Proceeds to Animal Shelters

Dogs and beer... two things that prove there is good in the world. Now there's a way to combine them and actually DO good for the world.

Dingo Dog Brewing Company is a new non-profit brewery where all proceeds go to no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare groups. The brewery opened last month in Carrboro, North Carolina by Tim Schwarzauer, who is also the grants coordinator for Chapel Hill.

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His charitable work for dogs began when his family opened a shelter in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina left many pets abandoned. He later moved to North Carolina, got into the craft beer scene and decided to combine his passions of home brewing and animals. Considering how unreliable donations can be for animal welfare organizations, he figured this would be a great model.

The brewery's named after Schwarzauer’s dog, Dingo, a 17-year-old terrier he rescued in 2003. Its parters include Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Goathouse Refuge, and Paws4ever.

Dingo Dog is the first non-profit brewery in NC. The only other breweries that follow this business model are Ex Novo in Portland, Finnegans Brew Co. in Minneapolis, and Potosi Brewing Co. in Wisconsin.

Here's further proof that there's always a way to put your passion to a purpose.


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