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Don't Be an A**hole: How Not to Be a Bastard to Your Bartender

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

This is important. Some people don't realize they're being assholes to their bartenders. I get it. So here's a cheat sheet to keep you on the up and up with the good men and women behind the bar. Be good to them, and they're good to you...

To Get Your Bartenders Attention

Don't wave hands in air like a crazy person and call the bartender "chief," "champ," "bro," or any other ridiculous generic name. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do make eye contact and show you have your money ready. This signals that you are good to go.

When Ordering Drinks for a Group

Don't approach bar having zero clue what your group wants. It's confusing, chaotic, and wastes the bartender's time. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do have the drink order ready. Be clear, concise, and to the point.

When Out for Your Birthday

Don't be an obnoxious drunk or a crazy birthday queen. Yes birthdays are great, but we all have them and yours - or anyone else's - is a reason for anyone else to be inconvenienced, including your bartender. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do act like a normal human being. Celebrate but don't be obnoxious.

Bar Garnishes

Don't put your grubby fingers in the fruit and olives. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do ask the bartender, or just order the drink the way you want it.

Cellphones at the Bar

Don't be too preoccupied with your phone that you aren't paying attention to what is going on. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do have some general awareness about what is going on around you.

Tipping Your Bartender

Don't rip off your bartender by not leaving a tip. Doing so makes you an asshole.

Do leave a minimum of $1 per drink - more if it's a cocktail. Basically, the more time it took to make the drink, the more you should tip. By making your drink, the bartender couldn't make someone else's drink, so they were missing out of other potential tips.


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