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Enabimnio, a Self-Healing Tool & App

Excited to share enabimnio with all of you, a self-healing tool and app that helps with positivity and dealing with difficult emotions - something which is now more important than ever.

Enabimnio is an emotional intelligence and mental hygiene technology that allows you to clear out negative beliefs and mental debris. Users are able to optimize their belief system by simply reading scripts, which are displayed in the app, out loud to find their authentic voice and install a new belief system based on self empowerment and self love.

For maximum benefits, users are encouraged to read outloud - doing so both helps to reprogram the subconscious as well as shed light on limiting beliefs via those tricky "freudian slips." Below is a video from one of my first Enabimnio reads.

Video from one of my first Enabimnio reads

The goal is to self-heal so you can live the most beautiful life you can imagine.

Links to download Enabimnio

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