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Endangered Black Rhino Born in Iowa Zoo

An endangered eastern black rhino was born at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa. The little girl, who is still nameless, weighs 80 pounds and is thought to be one of roughly 1,000 eastern black rhinos in existence.

Oh and she's ahhhdorable....

KindaKind KIndness Is Badass

The little one's mama and daddy are among 46 housed in North American zoos. And of those, only six are breeding females.

Zoo CEO Mark Vukovich called the birth "an extremely significant event" for the zoo and efforts to reverse a long decline in the number of black rhinos. Their declining population is poachers illegally hunting them for their horns; some people in China and Vietnam believe the ivory can cure medical problems... but as know, that's a bunch of BS.


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