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Every Time I Cry on Spouse House, Money Goes to Imerman Angels

*Update: Tonight is the last episode of Spouse House, and I don't cry... but we are still raising money for Imerman Angels. Donate and I'll mail you Kindness Is Badass stickers and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a shirt from the KindaKind Store.

In The Spouse House, I cried.... but for good!

I'm not a player, I just cry a lot. At least I did when I was in The Spouse House. But that's ok! Crying can be good... and do good!

Every time I cry on The Spouse House, I'm going to donate $10 to Imerman Angels, an amazing organization that provides FREE personalized one-on-one cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers. Their mission is to make sure no one has to fight cancer alone.

Imerman Angels is an incredible organization and Jonny Imerman is one of the greatest, most inspirational humans I've ever met. I was their second intern, back when they only had three employees - now the organization has grown so much!

To get in on the charitable, crying for good, you can donate too... and win free stuff!!

Everyone who donates will be entered into a weekly, Sunday night drawing for a shirt from the kinda kind store. Tag friends in the post for additional entries!

And whoever makes the largest donation each Sunday will also get a shirt.

Also, there may be a third option to win merchandise! So stay tuned.

There's more! I'll donate an additional $1 per new Facebook follower I receive each Sunday.

Also! 25% of the profits from merchandise sold through the end of the show's season will be donated to the Spouse House, Kinda Kind Crying for Good Fundraiser.

If you donate via KindaKind, I'll mail you "Kindness Is Badass" stickers and you'll be entered into winning a shirt from the Kinda Kind store. Donate here:

Or you can also donate via Imerman Angels' website, here:

Be sure to watch The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9 central on TLC!


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