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Find Volunteer Opportunities In Your Area

Volunteering is the service that focuses on the values of hard work, dedication and kindness. Volunteering helps you to make new friends and establish good relationships with members of the community. You don't have to travel far to dedicate your time and efforts in helping other people. Whatever your passion, there's a way to put it to a purpose and help others.

Browse through a good selection of volunteer opportunities in your area. A few examples include:


The library always needs volunteers to stack shelves, decorate rooms, sort books and more. Any person of any age is qualified to work there. Most libraries allow you to set up a flexible schedule that accommodates school, work and home.

Throughout the year, many libraries host special events for people of all ages, which include book readings, art workshops and cultural presentations. Find the event that interests you and look at the different ways to lend your services.


Animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organizations are always in need of volunteers. Find a wide range of jobs that include drivers, caregivers and fundraising specialists.

At wildlife refuges, rehabilitators are needed to care for wild animals that are injured or displaced from the wild. In addition to rehabilitators, there are tour guides that lead tours throughout the refuge and maintenance workers who clean the area and work on the landscape.

Tree Planting

If you are interested in nature, participate in tree planting activities in or around your community. Travel to urban neighborhoods that are barren of trees and bring more vitality into the area. With other nature-loving volunteers, plant trees in parks, schools, hospitals and suburban neighborhoods.


Mentors volunteer to share part of their lives with others. They can choose to work with certain groups of people, such as children, seniors or mentally ill people.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization is one of the most well-known mentoring groups. The premise is simple and straightforward - an adult befriends a child or teenager. However, you cannot simply show up for the meetings. You need the time to become a dedicated mentor, and you must show genuine interest in helping children.

Think of your own skills and talents before becoming a volunteer. Good typists volunteer their services as desk clerks, while good lawyers volunteer as legal analysts. You also get good work experience on a resume. Not charging for your services is helpful to new businesses that cannot afford to pay employees yet. Plenty of volunteer opportunities are available to those who genuinely want to help local community.


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