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Fiona the Hippo Celebrates Her First Birthday!

Happy Fiona Day!

Fiona, the adorable baby hippo who took the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (as well as the entire world!) by storm last year is celebrating her 1st birthday. And celebrating she is!

Quick Fiona re-cap

Born on January 24, 2017, Fiona was the first Nile hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years. She was due in March but decided to embrace the world with her cuteness six weeks early. Just a wee little thing, weighing in at just 29 pounds - average newborn hippos weigh 55 to 120 pounds. Since she was barely able to walk and nurse after birth, she was taken care of by a round-the-clock care team -- lovingly known as "Team Fiona." Go Team!

A total hippo sensation, the world was kept up-to-date on her progress via the the zoo Facebook page’s frequent updates on her life.

And now, she's one! The happy, healthy one-year-old has her own line of merchandise, her own her own ice cream flavor, and the star of The Fiona Show on Facebook Watch.

And today it's Fiona Day! Look at the girl celebrate.

The Season 2 premiere aired Wednesday, featuring Fiona going to town on her birthday “cake,” a delicious-looking watermelon and pineapple display.

Fiona’s mother, Bibi, also helped her chow down for the birthday bash.

Bibi had no problem helping Fiona out with her cake! Here you can see her taking a big bite out of it! Watch the entire birthday video on the Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook page. #FionasFirst #TeamFiona 🍰🎉💕 — Cincinnati Zoo (@CincinnatiZoo) January 24, 2018

Fiona's friends are all wishing her a Happy Birthday - the girl is popular!

Happy 1st birthday, Fiona the hippo! (Photo via @CincinnatiZoo) — TODAY (@TODAYshow) January 24, 2018
Happy birthday to our dear friend Fiona! A year ago you warmed our cold hearts and we haven't look back since. 🎉 — Jezebel (@Jezebel) January 24, 2018


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