8 Ways to Make Fireworks Suck Less for Your Dog

More dogs go missing on Fourth of July than any other day. Your dog may share your love for America, BBQs and beer, but they don't share your love of fireworks.

Easy ways to enjoy your fireworks and make it less traumatic for your furry friend:

1- Never take dogs to firework display or leave them outside during fireworks

Keep them inside and consider today to be one of those special times when you loosen up on the 'no dogs on the couch' policy. If possible, just stay inside with them.

2- Make sure they're wearing their collars with up-to-date tags

Regardless of you pup's typical athletic ability, this might be the day they summon their inner Usain Bolt and Forest Gump (run insanely fast without any actual destination or plan). This is also another reason a microchip is a wise idea (they're easily provided by your vet).

3- Drown out the sound

Do something to drown out the sounds, which your dog assumes is the end of days.

Options include:

  • Turn on music or the TV.

  • Play music that is specially designed to calm dogs by Through A Dog's Ear, which is psychoacoustically designed classical music for pups.