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German Shepherd Rescues Troops Ambushed by ISIS

Not that you needed additional proof that dogs make everything better...

When British special forces troops and an American K-9 team were ambushed by ISIS fighters, a badass German shepherd came to their rescue.

When the British troops and an American soldier with his dog were returning to base after a 10-day training session for Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, they were ambushed by about 50 members of ISIS.

The troops say the dog could sense their tension and was growing increasingly protective of its “pack.” As the dog became more and more restless, the handler finally set him loose.

“When the dog was unleashed it went after the greatest threat without consideration for its own safety,” an unnamed military source told The Sun.

The snarling dog immediately ran toward two different ISIS fighters. The dog bit one jihadi on the neck and face, and slashed a second fighter's arm and leg. The two ISIS members ran away, providing the troops enough time until allied air support arrived, and ended the battle for good.

The pup was unharmed and quite pleased with himself as he headed back to his handler after beating up the two members of ISIS, excitedly wagging his tail.

This is believed to be the first time a military working dog has directly saved British lives in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Way to go, pup!

*I'm still trying to find out the dog's name*


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