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Google Maps Launches A "Wheelchair Accessible" Option for 6 Cities

Google Maps launched a "wheelchair-accessible" option for six major cities.

Google Maps makes it easier to navigate and explore the world - whether that's by car, bike, public transit, or foot -- and now for those traveling via wheelchair (in six cities).

The feature has been rolled out in six big metropolitan cities: London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney.

"In city centers, buses and trains are often the best way to get around, which presents a challenge for people who use wheelchairs or with other mobility needs," said Google in a blog announcement. "Information about which stations and routes are wheelchair friendly isn’t always readily available or easy to find."

"We're looking forward to working with additional transit agencies in the coming months to bring more wheelchair accessible routes to Google Maps," said Google.

Transport for All — an organization campaigning for more accessible transport in London —  welcomed the feature, but said its success will depend on how accurate the data Google uses is.

To use the feature, punch in a route as you usually would, then tap on "options." It can be found under the "routes" option.


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