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Happy People: Looking Inward

“The happiest people I know are evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.”

This quote appeared today in my Instagram feed from Wild Woman Sisterhood, a powerful page that empowers and unites women. Whenever I find a page that promotes female solidarity, I pay attention- especially in a world where competition, dragging each other down, and insecurities can bring out the worst in people.

This quote made me reflect on the people in my life, the doubts I’ve had about myself, and my own inner journey. It made me realize how crucial it is to look inward and to stop relying on feedback from other people in order for me to feel content.

As I protect my own energy and try to bring light to the darkness, I welcome meaningful conversations and support, but avoid the low vibe energy, gossip, and drama.

It’s easy to point the finger at others when you’re feeling worried or insecure, but remember: the most fulfilling journey is inward. You may be surprised at all of the wonderful things you discover.


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