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Here's Why People Are Turning Their Social Media Profiles Blue for Sudan

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

A few days ago, social media flooded with reports of a massacre in Sudan. One that caused hundreds of deaths.

Like so many tragedies that happen overseas, many are wildly unaware of their existence, and certainly the details leading up to our *new* awareness. The situation in Sudan has been ongoing since December 2018.

Last week, Sudan’s security forces opened fire on unarmed protesters holding a sit-in outside military headquarters in Khartoum. Doctors and activists said that more than 100 people have been killed since.

In an attempt to raise awareness, many people are changing their social media profiles blue. The Mattar Blue movement began after the death of Mohamed Hashim Mattar, a 26-year-old engineer and graduate of London’s Brunel University, who was killed on June 3.

Mattar’s profile picture at the time of his death was blue.

And this old tweet from 2013 belonging to Mattar has been circulating.

Two days ago, Instagram user @reresolve_’s photo went viral for her post encouraging people to change their profile pictures in solidarity.

Simply take a screenshot of the image below.


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