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Hero Pup Smashes Window to Save Its Unconscious Human

In the latest "dogs are amazing" news, police in Northvale, NJ are crediting a dog with helping to save the life of its human, who suffered a medical emergency and laid unconscious inside his home for several days.

Two women who were walking nearby their home called police after hearing glass break and a dog barking loudly. When the police arrived, they noticed the broken pane of glass next to the front door and called for anyone inside the home, but there was no response. They entered the home and found the resident unconscious. The human will be fine, and the pup suffered a minor injury to the front paw from breaking the window. But all will be fine... thanks to the pup.

According to the police report, they believe the dog inside the home heard the women talking as they walked past the house and broke the glass with its paw in an attempt to get their attention, which led to the human's rescue.


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