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How to Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

Going the extra mile for customers is a surefire way to improve customer retention rates and boost your sales consistently. In fact, nowadays, the phrase is popularly used in TV commercials, online marketing content, and other advertising channels to try and make customers feel special and valued. But how does one go the extra mile for their customers? Read on further as we discuss four easy ways to do so.

Know Your Customers

Know who your target market is and identify their needs and wants. Customers stick with businesses who know them and can provide personalization. Memorize your customers' names as well as any information you extract from previous conversations. If it helps, take notes after your conversations with customers. Over time, you'll be able to memorize these small yet powerful details in your head without needing to jot down anything, such as birthdays or names of your customers' kids.

Give Out Gift Baskets

This especially works well for small, local businesses, such as mom and pop shops. Gift baskets are a great way to show loyal customers appreciation for their continued support of your brand. The contents of your gift basket can vary. Popular ideas that are well-received by customers include imported chocolates, wine, gourmet brand food, and even items taken from your product line. Gift baskets, however, can be a more expensive way to show appreciation, so make sure you plan it beforehand so that you focus on key clientele without going over the budget. You could make it a prize, or maybe even a seasonal event for customers to enter and win one.

Call Them Up

Giving them a phone call or sending a personal email to your customers lets them feel that their feedback is valued by your company. You or your customer service representatives should schedule monthly or quarterly calls to your biggest customers. Evaluate their shopping experience and ask for feedback on how you can provide better service. Simple email surveys can help, but a littler personalization goes a long way.

Get Legal Support

Having an attorney working beside you and overseeing the legal parts of your day-to-day operations avoids issues that can affect your customer base in the form of production or delivery delays. Investing in the services of an attorney also helps protect your business in the event of a lawsuit filed against you.

Going the extra mile for your customers won't always seem like a financially worthwhile decision. In the long haul, albeit, your business and brand can enjoy the support of a strongly bonded community of loyal customers. Use the four tips aforementioned to improve your customer service today.


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