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How You Can Help The Wildfire Victims In Northern California

Tragedy has struck, so let's spring to action and help the wildfire victims.

Wildfires in Northern California's wine country have resulted in the deaths of at least 23 people and destroyed more than 3,500 structures - including houses, wineries, and resorts.

Since Sunday night, firefighters have been battling at least 17 separate fires, which spread rapidly due to the area's dry condition. As of Thursday morning, most wildfires remained un-contained. Thousands of residents and visitors have fled the wildfires, and officials expect the death toll to increase.

We likely will not know the full extent of the devastation for weeks, but we can begin helping immediately as but there are many communities desperately in need of our help.

You can help by donating to any of the places listed below. They are accepting monetary donations, supplies, and volunteers.

You can find several campaigns aimed at helping with relief efforts on GoFundMe. The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers to help evacuees.

The Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is accepting donations.

The Napa Community Animal Response Team is calling for volunteers to help with rescued animals in various shelters.

The Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership is seeking volunteers to assist fire victims and collecting donations for relief efforts in the area.

You can donate to the Wine Country Animal Lovers, a group that is offering help to animals in need.

The Tubbs Fire Safety Check-In Facebook page allows you to find volunteering information, places to donate, and raise money for victims in the area.

Airbnb hosts based in California, can offer housing for free for evacuees and relief workers through October 30.


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