Hurricane Irma, No Match for Chainsaw Wielding Nun

On September 12th a video of a nun wielding a chainsaw went viral online. Sister Margaret Ann, the principal of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Miami was filmed taking a chainsaw to fallen trees blocking the road leading to the school. An off duty police officer took the video of Sister Margaret and uploaded it to the Miami-Dade Police Department Twitter account and it went off from there.

Sister Margaret Ann decided to take matters into her own hands when she noticed dangerous debris covering the road. She grabbed a chainsaw that the school had and went to work. Soon others began to notice the nun and decided to lend a hand. It became a community activity and Sister Margaret Ann was grateful for the help.

The response on social media was immediate. Many praised the nun for her dedication to her school and her can do spirit. Many saw this as a symbol of the strong sense of community and felt inspired by Sister Margaret Ann. The Miami-Dade Police Department’s Facebook account thanked her for her help and praised her dedication to her community and school.

This act of kindness is one of many that have come to light in the aftermath of the hurricane. It's great to see so many people coming together to help each other in a time of crisis. Though it is unclear as to when the school will reopen, there was major damage to a wall of the building and there are trees toppled over much of the school’s land. One thing is for sure, with Sister Margaret Ann, and her trusty chainsaw, at the helm, it won’t take too long.

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