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It's Random Acts of Kindness Day, Here Are Easy Ways to Celebrate

Hello kindness community, it's Random Acts of Kindness Day. Aka, our Super Bowl. And I know all you kind badasses wanna get in on this, so here are some easy ways to celebrate. Letz do this!

Pay It Forward

When buying a coffee, filling up your tank, getting your bean burrito at Taco Bell, going through a toll, etc., give the cashier a few extra bucks and ask him or her to simply apply it to the next customer. For a few bucks you can make make someone's freaking day! They'll go and tell everyone about this super rad thing that just happened to them. They'll be all like, "I've heard of this happening, but never had it happen to me before!" And that will be because of you and your generous random act of kindness (RAK). Nice RAK.

Give Someone a Random Compliment

See something about someone that you like? Tell them! Don't even know them and worry it'll be weird? Tell them anyways. As long as you're not saying something about their body or things you'd like to do to their body, it will likely be received very well.

Wait a Little Longer Than Normal to Hold Door Open for Someone

As long as you're not a total monster, you likely hold door open for person when they're right behind you. But what if person is like 20 steps away? Sometimes those are tough calls, but today - hold that bitch open for longer than normal so someone can walk through.

Give Someone a Small Gift

Buy an extra pack of gum, bottle water, beer, flower, etc. and give to someone. Maybe even a total stranger.

Put Money In Someone's Parking Meter

See someone's meter is running low? Put a dollar or two worth of time in it. Just be sneaky with this one and don't declare you're doing it, because it might be something those parking meters can come down on you for. Respect those cool little meter maid cars, and the meter maids enough to at least hide this from them.

Give Money to a Person Who Is Homeless

Have a few extra bucks on you today and pass out to folks who could use it. Don't look at their shoes or try to asses whether or not they "really need it"... just give it to them and tell them you hope they have a nice day.

Leave Food for Stray Animals

Throw some nuts on your back porch for the squirrels, or leave water out for some pups or kitties.

Do a Favor for Someone

Know someone at work is running behind? Do them a solid and take a little bit of work off their plate. Seem someone has a flat tire? Help them change it (if you actually know how) or ask them if you can help in any other way.

Feed Someone

Show some kindness through cooking! Bake cookies to share with others, make a meal you know someone else really enjoys. Or just buy food for someone if you're not a wiz in the kitchen.

Donate Time or Money

Make a small donation to a worthy cause or organization, or donate your time and skills.


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