Kind Badass of the Week: Mia Satya

Each week KindaKind will feature a badass who is putting their passion to a purpose and doing something great for the world.

This week’s Kind Badass is Mia Satya: Educator, Advocate, and Public Speaker.

Mia “Tu Mutch” Satya grew up in rural Texas and as she blossomed into a trans woman she fled to San Francisco to find community, but first she experienced homelessness, discrimination, unemployment, and violence. Mia Tu Mutch, is a trailblazing community organizer, LGBTQ cultural humility trainer, community based researcher, policy analyst and multitask master with over a decade of advocacy experience specializing in youth empowerment, economic justice, affordable housing, and LGBTQ+ liberation.

All of that and more... plus she's a total kind badass.

What is your passion?

I have always had a fiery passion for helping people and making the world a better place. At 10 years old I was the kid who told my science teacher that I couldn’t participate in dissection because of my deeply held religious beliefs that all life is sacred and at 12 I was collecting petitions to stop the annual seal slaughter in Canada. Now I have over a decade of advocacy experience specializing in youth empowerment, economic justice, affordable housing, and LGBTQ+ liberation.

How are you putting your passion to a purpose?

Now I bridge my personal and professional experiences to catalyze coalitions, propose policies, and secure sustainable solutions that make San Francisco a more equitable city. I’m currently the Director of Youth Engagement at Transitional Age Youth San Francisco. TAYSF provides platforms for young people to engage in conversations with City Departments and elected officials to inform policy decisions that impact their lives. We believe youth most impacted by poverty, violence, homelessness, and other obstacles are the experts on their own experiences. Youth should be given a seat at the table and a voice in the political process. I recently launched All Out: the LGBTQ+ Political Pipeline to inspire, educate, and connect youth to create change! I’m all out of patience waiting for “LGBT equality” to come rolling in on the “wheels of inevitability” as Martin Luther King Jr said. All Out is working to get more LGBTQ people appointed and elected to public office by training and mentoring youth who are committed to making their communities more equitable. I have been extremely fortunate to participate in over a dozen leadership programs and the message I’ve received in this capitalist system is “get all you can, then sit on the can so one else can get it.” I believe all of our liberation is linked together, that I can’t win unless my community wins so I started All Out to pay it forward to a younger generation. I’m so excited to be able to bring these youth together to share resources, networks, and strategies that will have monumental personal and community-wide impacts.

How did you get started?

I learned how to successfully advocate for myself as a visibly queer kid in the rural south. I organized a Day of Silence at my school to raise awareness on LGBTQ bullying and I was told by the principal that we would “cause a distraction that would inhibit learning.” The fact that I was bullied, harassed and assaulted regularly wasn’t a distraction? After the school threatened to suspend me, I got Lambda Legal to send a threatening email which promptly got the administration to apologize and allow us to exercise our first amendment rights of freedom of speech (or in this case intentional silence). I quickly learned if I wasn’t going to fight for me, who would?