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Let Your Soul Take Control

In the western world, we’re generally good at the mind and body parts of things – but we do tend to neglect the soul.

This, obviously, is a bit of a sweeping generalization, but there’s a lot of truth in it. It’s particularly true for those of us who don’t follow any particular religion. Generally speaking, previous generations had a strong religious code of one kind or another and, whatever it was, it kind of demanded daily “consultation with God” – whatever we perceive “God” to mean. But for many people today – there is no such religious aspect to life. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your viewpoint, but it certainly means that many of us take no time out for silent contemplation. Of course, we don’t need to be religious to nourish our souls. We all have a spiritual element whether we’re agnostics, atheists or devout religious types. So for example, people who practise meditation or devote time each day for mindfulness are concentrating on their souls and spiritual side. The same kind be said for people who do yoga, or deep breathing and relaxation techniques etc.

But there are other fun ways we can let our spiritual side enter our lives more. Having someone do psychic readings for us, for example, can be fascinating at both a mind and soul type level. This can be a moving, restful and relaxing experience, whether or not you’re a believer in the “other” side. The fact is that psychic readers, clairvoyants and others are students of human nature – and this very process and practise encourages a deeper understanding of what makes us tick. It’s most certainly soulful.

And then there’s music, of course. The right kind of music for you stirs your soul in a way that nothing else achieves. Remember, too, that this doesn’t need to be quiet contemplative chanting or classical music. It can also be uplifting, fast, rhythmic music that really lifts your soul and energises you rather than having a relaxing effect; it’s still soulful.

Letting your soul take control for a while is desirable for all of us – so we should all make time to make this happen. For many people, this is about quiet contemplation on going to bed each night. For many religious people, this is a logical time for prayer which is, of course, soulful. But for the rest of us, it can also be the ideal time for contemplation of our lives and for gradually trying to empty our heads of conscious thought – or “ego” whilst remaining fully conscious.

This takes time and it’s wise to practise meditation. But other people can achieve the same sense of being through a relaxing bath, through a deep relaxing massage etc. For other people, regular activity can produce the same effect. Fulfilling a receptive task can have the same effect, as can exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming. Your mind doesn’t need to fully focus on the task at hand, but the activity is also tiring – and this has a kind of meditative effect, freeing your mind. It’s really all about finding what does it for you; but do it more we all should.


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