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Lizzo is the Body Positive Musical Artist We All Need In Our Lives

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

“Woo girl, need to kick off your shoes,

Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you”

Lizzo’s lyrics to "Good As Hell" remind us ladies that we can count on our girls to get us through tough times, and that if there’s a dude that’s not treating you right, just “walk your fine ass out the door.”

Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, is a 30 year-old Minnesota-based hip hop artist, spreading her wisdom and positivity with each tune that'll have you busting a move as you realize your worth.

Lizzobanger, her debut album, was released in 2013, and a second studio album, Big Grrrl Small World, dropped in 2015. Lizzo gained scores of new fans this past year while opening for Haim on the Sister Sister Sister Tour in the spring and then for Florence and the Machine to finish out the summer and fall.

Lizzo’s body inclusivity message is loud and clear with every lyric. In her ode to touching yourself, "Scuse Me," Lizzo sings:

"Look up in the mirror, oh my God, it's me So much Prada on me, I'm a Pradagy I'ma do my thing, no apologies Coconut and rose in my skin regime"

Lizzo and her backup dancers captivate audiences with their nonstop moves, swinging ponytails, and no shortage of fishnets.

Lizzo wasn’t born with the confidence she has now; she had to work on herself for many years. Lizzo told the New York Times that she “made a commitment to feel-good music,” she said. “I had to show my belly a lot of attention, a lot of love.”

Her message of self-love is one we all need and can grab ahold of.

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Ashley Mosaic
Ashley Mosaic
Dec 21, 2018

Love this so much!

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