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Man Adopts 45 Dogs and Sets Them Free on His 4 Acres of Enclosed Land

Whatta Man Whatta Man Whatta Man

Gotta say it again now

For real, this is amazing. Mark Starmer, self proclaimed 'dogaholic', adopted and welcomed 45 shelter dogs and a grey wolf into his British Columbia, Canada home. Everything needed for these pups to enjoy a healthy, happy life is provided. Even a 4-acre enclosure for nonstop sniffs and explores.

The above is footage of the pups release into their enclosure a few years back.

In total, Mark and his organization Some Dogs Are Angels have adopted and provided forever homes for more than 65 dogs.

So many dogs!

You can learn more about and support Mark's mission via his website, and be sure to follow him (and his pups!) on Instagram. To support his mission, click HERE.


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