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Man Devotes Life to Adopting Old Dogs Who Would’ve Otherwise Been Put Down

Everyone loves old dogs… but let’s be honest, puppies get the attention. So things don’t always work out too well for seniors in shelters. After Steve Greig went to a local shelter and found the dog with the least chance of being adopted, he made it his mission to help other animals who some might feel are past their prime. He has spent the last few years giving elderly animals a home. This includes 10 old dogs, an old pig named Bikini, two old ducks, and some old pigeons, cats and chickens.

For these seniors, the shelter days are long gone.

Check out some of their adventures (and naps, there’s lots of napping)

Look! They literally were sent to live on a farm


Getting sporty between naps

Napping with friends

Picture Perfect: “ascending size, descending attitude”

I wonder if the big one knows he is so big

They go on road trips

I bet the car smells horrible…

Exploring the great outdoors

profound thinking

Living out their twilight years in true style

I’d say Greg is a man after my own heart.


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