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Man Finds Lost $1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket - And Tracks Down Owner

You find a winning lottery ticket - what do you do? Probably not this...

Except if you're the unnamed cashier who found a $1 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot ticket on the floor of a gas station in Salina, Kansas.

When this amazing man found the lottery ticket on the floor, he first checked to see if the slip had the owner's name on it. Then upon finding out it was a million dollar winner - and unsigned, meaning anyone could claim it as their own - he called the store listed on the slip in an attempt to locate the original buyer.

“My brother went in to check my tickets. He apparently dropped the unsigned Mega Millions ticket, and then we left to go back home,” the winner told the Kansas lottery.

“We had already been home for about an hour, and then went out and ran another errand. As we passed the store, the owner’s son pulled out behind us and flagged us down. He explained what happened and handed me the ticket, and I just couldn’t believe it!”

The clerk decided his good deed should remain anonymous, but, I think he deserves a round of freaking applause.


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