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McDonald's Trials Vegan Burger -- Yes, Seriously!

Before you get too excited I must warn you... this is only happening in Finland - for now.

Adorably named the McVegan, it consists of a soy-based patty topped with tomato, salad, pickles and vegan McFeast sauce, sandwiched between a bun.

Unfortunately for most vegans, the McVegan is currently only available in Tampere, Finland, and for a limited time - October 4th - November 21.

However, if it’s popular, we can hope the McVegan might be rolled out globally.

With more and more beloved brands launching vegan-friendly products - from Pizza Hut’s vegan cheese to vegan Baileys - it’s awesome to see this fast-food giant begin to also recognize the importance of creating vegan options. And considering McDonald's has an unparalleled influence on the food system - including factory farming - this could be the beginning of some real change.

Viva la vegans!


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