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Mentor/Protégé Relationships: Good Mentors Can Change Lives

Those who have enjoyed the significant benefits of a good mentor understand the impact the mentor/protégé relationship has on their lives. Mentorship is one of the best methods to promote self-improvement in both mentor and protégé.

The Mentor/Protégé Relationship

The mentor/protégé relationship isn't based on the concept of authority and subordination. It is based on a one-on-one sharing of experience and wisdom.

In today's youth-oriented world, one of the issues that escapes notice is the kind of mentoring experience borne by shared wisdom. A mentor imparts wisdom through personal or business experience in a well-crafted design that fits the needs of his or her protégé.

This is the most integral part of the mentor/protégé relationship.

The World of Recognized Mentors

Nearly every successful individual can link their success and achievements to a mentor. For some, this may be a relative, such as J.P. Morganwho began teaching his son, J.P. Morgan, Jr., the art of financial management from a very young age. J.P. Morgan, Sr., insisted his son record every cent he spent and saved. For Jr., this early financial mentoring by his father led to a future in banking, philanthropy, and investment interests.

For President Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Fox Conner was his military mentor and advisor. A mentor is one who provides guidance and offers advice to help an individual succeed in a chosen career path, or life.

Apple's Steve Jobs was a mentor to Mark Zuckerberg. In music, Woody Guthrie mentored Bob Dylan. The famous journalist, Walter Cronkite, was mentored by his journalism teacher, Fred Birney. The famous fashion designer Dior mentored Yves St. Laurent.

Mentor Influence - Subtle and Powerful

The influence a mentor exerts on individuals is not always through a custom-designed program. However, there is one organization, Big Brother Big Sister, which has an outstanding record of mentoring success. One of its most famous mentors is celebrity Jamie Foxx, a staunch supporter of Big Brother Big Sister.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an excellent program aimed at forging a mentor/protégé relationship while also giving back to the community.

Jamie Foxx is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, comedian and producer who understands the importance of reaching out to help direct young minds in a constructive and rewarding manner.


For over 100 years, Big Brother Big Sister has provided young children with a mentor best suited to their particular needs. This mentoring concept has reaped amazing results and is internationally acclaimed.

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