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Michigan Four Year-Old Donates Allowance to Needy Detroit Families

Sweet Calvin Hill, a four year-old from Bloomfield Hills, MI, is proving that you don't have to be a grownup to be giving. Calvin recently donated $8 of his allowance saved up over four months to SAY Detroit, a charity that focuses on providing support to needy Detroit families. The nonprofit, founded by author Mitch Albom, was chosen by Calvin after learning that his donation would help kids “eat food and go to school” and “give people roofs.”

Calvin’s parents, Andy and Nicole Hill, have introduced a “Give Jar” into the home for Calvin and his 6 year-old sister, Zoey, to gain invaluable lessons from.

Calvin and his megawatt smile, proudly showing off his "Give Jar" and letter from Mitch Albom

Every Saturday, Calvin completes three chores and earns $4 for his hard work. His money is separated into three jars: $1 for giving, $1 for saving, and $2 for spending. After a few months, the “Give Jar” is emptied and each dollar is counted. Calvin and his parents have a conversation about what he’s thankful for in his own life and then show him online videos of charities that align with his own areas of gratitude. After deciding on a charity, Calvin’s parents double the amount and make a donation online in his name.

Mitch Albom himself was so impressed by Calvin’s generous heart, he wrote a personal letter thanking Calvin and his parents for their gift and meaningful lessons of generosity.

Calvin’s parents are so proud of their son and hope that his altruism will inspire other children this Thanksgiving and every day.

Calvin vacuums the couch as one of his Saturday chores, earning money for his "Give Jar"


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