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My Brother, My Brother and Me: An Advice Show for the Modern (and Kind) Era

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Though there are some incredible podcasts out there that focus on politics, depression, crime, and tragedy, it's refreshing to find one that does not. If you're looking for something positive and giggle-inducing, check out the McElroy Brothers on My Brother, My Brother and Me. Travis, Justin, and Griffin McElroy host a hilarious weekly show where they offer "advice that should never be followed" to their listeners. It's never preachy, but the guys are all about positivity and inclusion. Whether they're cracking each other up over memories of their childhood, or giving input to a listener who wants to know if it's appropriate to hold a funeral for a dead cockroach in a light fixture at school, they encourage kindness and equality with every word. Give this one a listen, and just like the brothers' only rule for their live show, I promise you, there are "No bummers."


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