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New Service In Japan Lets You Hire an Attractive Man to Wipe Away Your Tears

You ever have one of those days where you’re constantly on the verge of crying? All it takes is one new task added to your swamped calendar or catching a clip of that Sarah Mclachlan Humane Society commercial to throw you over the edge. Ideally this breaking point happens at home, but what if it happens at work? Well if you’re in Japan, you now have a new option — hire an attractive man to wipe away your tears.

A new business has started in Japan that offers the services of handsome men who will come and wipe away your tears at work. The Tokyo company Ikemeso Danshi, allows prospective cryers to peruse a portfolio of young men online, and choose one to literally wipe away their tears. The company’s name is a play on words, combining ikemen (hot guy) with mesomeso (crying). There are currently six ‘Hot Crying Guys’ to chose from, each with a different look. Everything from a hipster, a clean cut gentleman and even a dentist (high-five if you’re a dentist because apparently some women are really into your look).

What if the guy shows up and you’ve stopped crying? No worries, they will sit with you and watch sad videos (maybe that Sarah Mclachlan one) until the tears start flowing again. All of this for around 7,900 yen ($65).

Apparently the idea behind all of this is that seeing your co-workers in a vulnerable and honest state will improve communication, morale in the workplace and build stronger relationships. To me, this seems super weird. But I’m all for people finding the comfort they need.

Is the service onto something or this just a new weird take on the ‘sharing economy’ — briefly renting someone to comfort you? What do you think — would you find comfort in an attractive stranger?


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