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Philcoin: Unity with a Purpose

Welcome to Crypto and Kindness, or Good News in Crypto - name is still pending but for around six years I’ve been wanting to create a series that highlights the social impact and good that blockchain and Bitcoin are doing for the world.

So I'll be launching a collaborative series with Ashley Mosaic.

Let’s do it. Meet Philcoin, it’s a blockchain movement that aims to use blockchain to bring the world together, while also creating a new economy of giving.

Founded in 2021, its focused on philanthropy while supporting the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Philcoin’s vision is to create the largest community of philanthropists around the world while helping people become educated, financially sound, and stable enough to build a good life.

The project’s goal is to make transactions easier and to help people receive something back when they transact. The Blockchain project has received several awards, including the AIBC Social Impact Project of the Year in Malta.

Philcoin’s initiative recognizes the importance of education, health, equality, and economic growth in reducing poverty and preserving the environment.

The app is available on the iOS and Android app stores. Philcoin is available on the following marketplaces: MEXC, Pancake Swap, and BKEX.


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