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Artist Creates Tank-Shaped Bookmobile to Promote Reading

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Raul Lemesoff, an artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina is droppin' books, not bombs with his 'Weapon Of Mass Instruction' (Arma de Instuccion Masiva). The art piece is intended to battle ignorance and spread knowledge.

The tank-like ride was created with a converted '79 Ford Falcon, that's complete with a non-functioning gun, a swiveling turret and space to hold 900 books - both inside and outside.

The project was highlighted in a video made by 7Up as part of their "Feels Good to Be You" campaign, which shows him driving through the urban and rural streets of Buenos Aires delivering books and droppin' knowledge on folks both young and old. His only demand is that they actually read what he's given them. In the video Lemesoff jokes, "My missions are very dangerous. I attack people in a very nice and funny way."


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