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Recovering Addict Anonymously Pays Group of First Aiders' Breakfast Tab

The kindness of strangers

An anonymous stranger's kind act is gaining attention. She picked up the tab for an exhausted group of EMTs who were eating breakfast after a long overnight shift.

A group of medics on the Toms River First Aid Squad of New Jersey asked for their check after finishing their IHOP meal.

Instead, they got a receipt from the woman who had already paid for their $77 meal, saying: “Thank you for all you do! Have a great day! –Recovering Addict”

Captain Alyssa Golembeski says that when she read the note, it brought an emotional hush over their “boisterous bunch” of medics. "Her act of kindness definitely recharged and refreshed us all. "The EMT crew members asked the manager if he knew who the kind stranger was, but he said the woman did not want anyone to know her name, and that she already left the restaurant.

The First Aid Squad posted a picture of the note on Facebook with a caption thanking the woman for her kindness and wishing her luck on her road to recovery.

“This gift was amazingly thoughtful, and brought our table of tired EMTs to tears,” said the squad. “We are so blessed to be able to serve you and everyone else who lives and works in the greater Toms River area. Good luck on your journey of recovery!”

A reminder that kindness starts with you. Also, if you're struggling the best thing you can do for YOURSELF is something kind for someone else.


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