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Recycle Your Tights to Reduce Your Fashion Carbon Footprint

Earth Day is approaching, so why not save the planet in style?

I recently learned about an awesome program through No nonsense, who offer a stylish array of tights, leggings and socks. Their one-of-a-kind program is perfect to help women across the globe reduce their ‘fashion carbon footprint’ by recycling their tights and pantyhose!

If there's one style I can't shake, it would be a classic look with leggings or tights. Unfortunately, I wear leggings so often that they're all falling apart; my favorite pair even has holes in them. :) No nonsense recently came to my rescue and sent me an awesome pair that I can easily throw on with a statement coat and heels for a polished New York City look. Woohooo!

Not only do I love my new leggings, I was excited to learn that my worn-out pairs and old tights can go to good use. By developing the first-ever tights recycling program to keep non-biodegradable Nylon/Spandex products out of landfills by repurposing the materials found in many tights, No Nonsense is doing their part to better our planet!

This program uses the recycled materials to turn them into things such as park benches, running tracks, car insulation, and playground equipment! How cool is that?

Visit to download a mailing label, box up your used tights and pantyhose (they will accept all brands), and bring them to your nearest shipping location. No nonsense collects them all and sends everything to a recycling facility!

Thank you to No nonsense for partnering on this post!


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