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Rescued Pit Bulls are Becoming Police Dogs


Pit bulls, like all dogs are amazing. Such a loyal, hardworking breed. And finally someone is giving these pit bulls what they deserve... jobs! Police all across the country are beginning to train rescue pits as police dogs.

We’ve grown used to seeing German shepherds and Belgian Malinois as police dogs, but soon you'll be seeing pits as K-9 officers.

Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 have joined forces to prove skeptics that pit bulls are not just great dogs, but also a breed we can trust these important jobs to.

The two organization work together to save pit bulls from shelters and train them to become police dogs. Animal Farm Foundations covers the cost of the training while Universal K9 prepares the dogs to be great citizens and K9 officers. Traditional police dogs cost anywhere from $10,000 - $15,000... so this is a win-win for everyone.

The program has successfully placed nine pit bulls across different police departments and these four-legged officers have proved they can do the jobs as well as German shepherds or Malinois can.

Now here's a bunch of cute photos of Police Pit Bulls.


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