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Rest in Peace, Dennis Green

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

""The Bears are what we thought they were. They're what we thought they were. We played them in preseason — who the hell takes a third game of the preseason like it's bullshit?

Bullshit! We played them in the third game — everybody played three quarters — the Bears are who we THOUGHT they were! That's why we took the damn field! Now if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But they are who we thought they were! And we let 'em off the hook!""

If you are a sports fan, in particular the NFL, you know exactly who to associate this famous quote with. Dennis Green, who at the time was coaching the Arizona Cardinals, went on a mini-tirade after losing a Monday night game to the Chicago Bears. The iconic coach is instantly connected to this 45-second quote. However, if you go past "Dennis Green the quote," you will find a coach who had a great history in the National Football League. He led the Minnesota Vikings to a 97-62 record from 1992-2001, including an incredible 15-1 in 1998. If you want to find anything negative about Dennis Green, you will have to search everywhere because the man was appreciated by everyone in the coaching ranks and in life.

Rest in peace Dennis. You are who we thought you were, and that's a great coach and human being.

(Thanks to Wikipedia for information and the quote on Green)


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